About Us

The Cathedral Club of Brooklyn is a Catholic lay organization founded in the Diocese of Brooklyn, on March 1, 1900. The original Spiritual Director and guiding light at that time was Father George Mundelein, who was later to become George Cardinal Mundelein of the Diocese of Chicago. Since that time it has been customary for the Bishop of Brooklyn to serve as the Spiritual Director of the club. In 1907 the club took possession of its last permanent clubhouse at Sixth and Flatbush Avenues, where it remained until 1974. At that time the membership decided that the Club should not maintain a permanent clubhouse; instead, it should utilize existing facilities within the Borough of Brooklyn for meetings and other functions.

As stated in its original certificate of incorporation, the object of the founders was to make the Club the principle Catholic Club in the Diocese of Brooklyn and to advance Catholic interests, to promote the moral improvement of its members, to foster among them a true Catholic spirit, and by frequent social intercourse to unite them more closely in the pursuance of these ends.

Over the years the Club developed an extensive series of events and activities to fulfill this objective. Among these events, the Club sponsors a forum each spring on a public issue of interest to the community of Brooklyn. In the fall it holds its Annual Memorial Mass in honor of deceased members, which is celebrated by the Bishop of Brooklyn. The Club established a scholarship program for worthy high school students in the Diocese. The scholarships are awarded on the basis of need and scholastic ability. The Club‘s Annual Dinner is the highlight of its social calendar and from the proceeds a donation is made to the Bishop of the Diocese of Brooklyn, for his favorite charity. Other events include a golf outing, roast of its past president, and various other social and fundraising events. Now entering its second century, the Club looks forward to its future, keeping in mind the original intent and objectives of its founders.